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Melissa & Sammy’s Story

The American Heritage Dictionary’s definition of the word rescue: (res’kyoo) v. 1. Is to save, as from danger. What isn’t in the dictionary or any other reference book, for that matter is the dogged determination of individuals that do the actual rescuing. Luckily, one such individual named Melissa found Sammy, an injured Lab-Shepherd mix, He was hobbling on three legs with deep scarring from an embedded collar in his neck. Sammy had been through a lot and was not easily trusting. After many minutes working to earn his trust, Sammy finally got in the car. Melissa realized that she had no place to house Sammy, so she contacted Pet Resort Dallas for temporary help. Together, Melissa and Pet Resort Dallas worked to find Sammy a forever home where he currently resides in the warm California sunshine. If you would like to assist the Dogs Deserve Better Rescue, please log onto www.dogsdeservebetter.com for details.

Sammy Before

sammy before

Sammy After


Robin & Shiloh’s Story

Robin Z. has a heart as big as the Guardian Breeds she rescues. When she received an email that a Great Pyrenees (“Pyr” as she lovingly refers to the breed) was in very bad shape and in a 72-hour kill shelter, she launched into action, removed the dog from the shelter and headed for her vet. Now, she was in a pickle. With three Pyrs & two Pyr mixes of her own she could not take the newly rescued dog home with her. Robin had already discovered Pet Resort Dallas and called the owner, Jim Ezell, to see if he could offer some temporary assistance. Ensuring a clean bill of heath from the vet for communicable diseases, Jim said, “Bring him over.” With relief, Robin drove to Pet Resort Dallas. On the way, she passed a street named Shiloh. She looked in her rearview mirror at the poor scared dog she had just rescued and said the word Shiloh. He wagged tentatively and at that moment, he became – Shiloh. Circumstances were such that Shiloh stayed at Pet Resort Dallas from early November through Christmas of 2010. During that time, the staff nursed him through ear & eye infections and a very severe case of mange. They gently & expertly provided doses of medicine and love. Over time, Shiloh became more comfortable and his true, fun-loving personality emerged. The staff loved him so much they vowed to find him a wonderful forever home and they did. They told all of their clients about Shiloh’s plight. A very special client, Janie Pearlman, spent countless hours emailing people within her network and found Shiloh his forever home! Look at the difference in this wonderful dog! Together Robin, Janie and Pet Resort Dallas demonstrated that teamwork and heart equal a better life for at least one beloved canine friend.

Shiloh Before

shiloh before

Shiloh After



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